Sounds of the Pyrenees: Idoipe’s Artistic Trek in Northern Aragón

Tañen Furo LP
Tañen Furo LP

This artist, hailing from Zaragoza, has recently unveiled not just his second full-length album but also the captivating soundtrack for a documentary that shares his name, “Tañen Furo.” This documentary delves deep into the artist’s life and his immersive experiences in the breathtaking Aragonese Pyrenees. Here, the enchanting sounds of the region seamlessly blend with the realm of electronic music.

Following the release of several singles that explored the rich folklore of Aragón, Idoipe introduced his debut album, ‘Cierzo lento,’ in 2021, seamlessly fusing his identity as a musician with his electronic influences, all while paying homage to his deep affection for his homeland.

This remarkable work caught the attention of an independent record label based in Madrid, granting him the opportunity to perform on various stages across Spain.

At present, Idoipe embarks on an expedition into the heart of the northern Aragon mountains, seeking inspiration and the natural elements to infuse every sound with profound musical significance. From the gentle whispers of the wind and the soothing murmur of water to the melodic tinkle of cattle bells and the thunderous resonance of waterfalls, his goal is to merge these diverse elements with his electronic foundation to create entirely new compositions.

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