Seeking the Ultimate Beat: Leveldva’s Musical Adventure – ChillRave Compilation 3

Chillrave Vol.3
Chillrave Vol.3

Leveldva’s Chillrave music has truly enthralled me. It took them a year to curate this remarkable compilation, and within that span, they embarked on a global odyssey in search of the most exquisite sounds. They traversed the untamed jungles of the South American desert, ventured into the hidden cellars of Berlin, pedaled along the vibrant red-green roads of Amsterdam, conquered the bustling seas aboard a sold-out boat in New York, skillfully navigated Mexican potholes while finding solace in cozy Istanbul bars, and even found themselves amidst the serene landscapes of Nevada’s lakeshores. All of this was undertaken in pursuit of a sonic palette that beckons us into a seamlessly harmonious dance.

In the musical realm of Leveldva, I’ve unearthed a secret akin to the mystical wisdom of mermaids on their journey. Nevertheless, I must tread cautiously when immersing myself in this musical tapestry, for it has the power to ensnare my soul indefinitely. This extraordinary compilation, featuring 27 tracks, includes renowned artists such as Geju, Dad of The Year, Coss, Acid Pauli, and more, making it a mesmerizing sonic journey of epic proportions.

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