Marina Satti’s Eurovision 2024 Disaster with “Zari”


One of the worst Eurovision songs in history.

Falcos Deejay, a British-Greek music producer and owner of the record label Alveda Music, said: “In Greece in recent years, we are not aiming for the No.1 position in the Eurovision Song Contest; instead, we are aiming for the last position.”

Falcos Deejay’s statement about Greece’s approach to the Eurovision Song Contest is nothing short of shocking. To actively strive for the last position in such a prestigious competition is a bold and controversial move. The fact that local producers are describing Marina Satti’s entry, “Zari,” as one of the worst in Eurovision history is truly disheartening.

It is clear that the song does not meet the quality standards expected of such a globally renowned event. The disappointment and frustration surrounding this entry is palpable, as it is a missed opportunity to showcase the talent and creativity of Greek musicians on an international stage.

The decision to submit a subpar song reflects poorly on the music industry in Greece and raises questions about the selection process for Eurovision entries. It is a shame to see such potential go to waste.

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