Deviu and Jordan Arts Unite for ‘Who We Are’ on Purified Records


Colombian producer and label regular Deviu teams up with South African-born musician Jordan Arts for their poignant collaboration Who We Are on Purified Records.

Floating across a progressive soundscape, Jordan’s instantly recognizable vocals are intertwined with Deviu’s signature synth work to achieve a timeless and touching sonic environment. Gradually blooming across the track’s duration, Who We Are achieves power and grace with poignant lyrics, driving basslines and delicate samples, leaving a lasting impression on its listener.

Speaking about the release, Deviu mentioned,

“’Who We Are’ is a progressive track we crafted together by merging Jordan’s unmistakable vocals with Deviu’s signature production style. The result is a track that captures the essence of our collaborative journey, blending emotive melodies and intricate electronic elements to create a journey through sound.”
Hailing from Colombia, classically trained musician Deviu began producing electronic music in 2014. After studying audio and sound production in Medellin, Colombia, he began to compose chill-out and ambient music. Through further exploration of his passion, he began experimenting with melodic house & techno and progressive house. Honing his craft and dedicating endless hours in the studio, this transition led him to release on an array of imprints, including Purified Records, Zerothree, Steyoyoke, The SoundGarden, Clubsonica, Diesis Records, Ear Porn Music, to name a few. Receiving support from some of dance music’s most in-demand acts, his records have been played by Dosem, Gioli & Assia, Miss Monique, Nick Warren, Nora En Pure, Sultan & Shepard and many more.
South African-Belgian electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Arts has taken the world by storm over the past few years. His growing fanbase, exciting collaborations and international recognition have blossomed since launching his solo career at the beginning of 2020. Fast-forward to playing his debut performance in Amsterdam in July 2021, Jordan has been the official opening act for some of the best electronic acts in the industry, such as Joris Voorn and Nora En Pure. Signing his majestic creations to some of the globe’s most in-demand imprints, Jordan has released on the likes of Anjunadeep, Purified Records, Steyoyoke and ZEHN Records. His sound reaches a diverse audience through his ability to emotionally connect with his listeners of different ages and backgrounds. His tracks have been added to playlists by a wide variety of official Spotify and Apple Music playlists, including Cercle. Featuring on Black Coffee’s tribute album for Virgil Abloh, Jordan’s single Need To Know with Da Africa Deep touched listeners all around the globe and was one of the greatest honours of his career thus far. Working on exciting collaborations with incredible artists, Jordan continues to make his mark on the dance music scene while his artistic journey unfolds with grace and meaning.
The Who We Are artwork presents a stunning underwater shot by Daniel Nicholson. The ocean appears blue primarily because water absorbs colors in the red part of the light spectrum, and blue light is scattered, making it the most visible to our eyes. Additionally, the sky reflects blue light onto the ocean surface, which enhances its blue appearance. Essentially, the way light interacts with water and is perceived by our eyes is why the ocean looks blue. The Ocean Foundation is the only community foundation for the ocean, on a mission to improve global ocean health, climate resilience, and the blue economy. They create partnerships to connect all peoples in the communities in which they work to receive the informational, technical, and financial resources they need to achieve their ocean stewardship goals.
About Daniel Nicholson:
Daniel Nicholson is one of the globe’s most prominent professional underwater photographers, located on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Born and raised on the east coast of Australia, he has been surrounded by the ocean his whole life. After years of working as a dive instructor, he picked up an underwater camera and instantly fell in love with photography, and has never looked back. He seeks to share the beauty and magic of the underwater world, inspiring conservation and change through capturing scenes from the depths of the ocean and its breathtaking creatures. The oceans are the lungs of our world, and its inhabitants need all the protection we can provide for them.
About Only One:
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